¨A Compás¨ is an exciting live flamenco dancing show created by the renowned dancer Fran Chafino.

You will enjoy the perfect combination of music and dance in the  traditional flamenco style, such as bulerías, alegrías, tangos and seguiriyas among others.The dancers will dazzle you with the elegance of their movements accompanied by the melody of the guitar and the deep voice of the singer. Everything in the event is characterized by the passion of  flamenco including the fascinating and meticulously designed traditional costumes.

Come and feel the magic, strength and purity of this Spanish art!


Event schedule: from Wednesday to Sunday.

We recommend to be there with 30 minutes before the show.

Duration: 2 acts of 45 minutes each with 20 minute interval.

BACKSTAGE includes welcome cocktail or glass of cava.

Platea VIP includes a bottle of cava (20cl) or glass + photo.

Event schedule: from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the show no refund will be given.

Change of date must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no change or refund due.